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This Is The Ultimate Nostalgia Playlist

"Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll!"

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1. "Having Fun Isn't Hard When You've Got A Library Card" from Arthur

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Episode: "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival"

Arthur was definitely one of the first aardvarks to make reading cool, and this is the song that helped him do it. Its unforgettable chorus and toe-tapping beat rivals Top 40 today. This is every nerd's anthem!

2. "Love Makes The World Go Round" from The Powerpuff Girls

Cartoon Network

Episode: "Mime for a Change"

This uplifting tune is perfect for when you're having a bad day. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup just want you remember all the good things in the world, like puppy dogs and kitty cats!

3. "Yakko's World" from Animaniacs

Warner Bros. Television

Episode: "Yakko's World/Cookies For Einstein/Win Big"

Not only is this song incredibly catchy, it's also educational! Yakko provides an excellent means to learn most of the countries of the world, including some that are no longer with us, like Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. And it rhymes!

4. "Killer Tofu" from Doug

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Episode: "Doug Rocks"

The Beets are Doug's favorite band, and they should be yours too. No other rock group could promote healthy eating with such a great melody. Ee ah ee!

5. "Just An Old Fashioned Lab Song" from Dexter's Laboratory

Cartoon Network

Episode: "Just an Old Fashioned Lab Song"

This fun musical number is all about the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration. Paul Williams played Dexter's piano teacher Professor Williams, who's inspired to sing this funky tune with Dexter's lab equipment.

6. "The F.U.N. Song" from Spongebob Squarepants


Episode: "F.U.N."

What could more fun than a song about fun? This cute little ditty makes for a great duet with your bestie, just like Spongebob and Plankton.

7. "I Think I Like You" from Angry Beavers

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Episode: "Bummer of Love"

This groovy tribute to the '60s is a great one to play for bae. If you can survive the totally trippy music video, you'll walk away with sweet nothings to whisper to your love like "you're cooly cooly cool" or "you're super freaky yow!"

8. "Recycle Song" from Rocko's Modern Life


Episode: "Zanzibar!"

The people behind Rocko's Modern Life definitely planted the seeds of environmentalism in young minds with this delightful melody. The lyrics are super informative and even go so far as to teach you about chlorofluorocarbons!

9. "Otter Dance" from Recess


Episode: "A Great State Fair"

This one may only be about 20 seconds long, but that's all you really need. Drop this sick beat at the club and show off your moves. You know you've always wanted to groove like a water creature!

10. "Cat Diggety Dog" from CatDog

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Episode: "Cat Diggety Dog"

If you've been yearning for a song that really summed up what CatDog was all about, this is it. While it covers some of the negative aspects of being attached to your best friend, it ends with the sweet line "How could it get any better than this?" Awww.

11. "The Little Seal Girl" from As Told By Ginger


Episode: "Come Back Little Seal Girl"

This ballad sung by Ginger's friend Macie is sure to make you tear up. It also gave us the deeply profound lyric "It's so hard to get by, 'cause seals can't even cry." Honest, modern divas would be lucky to have such an iconic song.

12. "Rappin' Drakken" from Kim Possible


Episode: "Rappin' Drakken"

This tune is for people who are really into raps with a narrative. Dr. Drakken drops his own beat before launching into a tale of personal triumph, and then selling shampoo. If you can overlook the consumeristic part, it's a pretty great jam.

13. "The Ugliest Weenie" from Cow and Chicken

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Episode: "The Ugliest Weenie - Epilogue"

Full of drama and intrigue, this musical number tells the story of the ugliest weenie, played by Chicken. It's all about taking advantage of your perceived flaws. Though everyone takes pity on him, the ugliest weenie is the only one who doesn't get eaten in the end.

14. "It's All About Me" from The Proud Family


Episode: "A Star Is Scorned"

How this song hasn't cracked the Billboard charts is a true mystery. This song is perfect for the narcissist in your life. As Penny says, "Don't hate, just congratulate."

15. "Pizza Rocket" from KaBlam!


Episode: "KaFun!"

KaBlam! featured a few animated music videos alongside its cartoons, but none stood out like this one. It's the ultimate Friday night anthem for anyone on a drunken quest for pizza. If only there really was a big pizza in the center of the galaxy.

16. "Icky Vicky" from The Fairly Oddparents

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Episode: "Boys in the Band"

This song is an ode to the awfulness of Timmy's babysitter Vicky, but it's fun and catchy nonetheless. Just picture your own nemesis while you're humming along and you've got the perfect "fuck you" song.

17. The rave music from Samurai Jack

Cartoon Network

Episode: "Episode XXVII: Jack and the Rave"

Like much of the show itself, this track doesn't have any words. It doesn't need any, however. The beat is definitely enough to get you hyped.

18. "C.H.I.C.K.E.N." from Pepper Ann


Episode: "You Oughta Be in Musicals"

There aren't a whole lot of artists in this world that exalt the goodness of poultry the way Pepper Ann's mom does. This song provides a stunning insight into the many ways to prepare chicken. It also assures you that it's totally OK to eat the same thing every night.

19. "Jekyll and Hyde" from Arthur

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Episode: "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival"

It's unbelievable that this episode provided us with two iconic musical numbers. This one's a little creepier, but you can't shake that chorus out of your head. It's only two words, after all. Plus, it taught children across the country the definition of the word "allegory."

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