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For Everyone Who Thinks Ulta Is The Best Makeup Store

It's the ULTAmate beauty store!

1. The first time you walked in, it was a life-changing experience.

2. And now you can't help but feel a slight tinge of overwhelming ecstasy every time you walk through the doors.

3. Other makeup stores are fine, but TBH, you'd rather be platinum than rouge.

sushilliard /

4. Because you CANNOT beat the discounts at Ulta.

5. No other makeup store is bringing you savings like these!

6. Come on!

7. Honestly, who is tryna spend $20 on a sponge? Not Ulta lovers.

8. They just make you feel so loved.

fakayaxd /

9. See this shit? This shit was FREE. Just for being your loyal self.

c_jade_smith /

10. And there's a FREAKING SALON! It's a one-stop shop for living your most glam life.

haileycaakes /

11. Plus, you love that it's one of the few places that carry awesome products like Sam Villa hairbrushes.

thejadesummers /

12. As well as all your fave Lorac stuff.

meganashleymakeup /

13. Its house products are honestly pretty dope.

14. The employees make sure ALL of their customers are taken care of well. They try really hard.

nattij03 /

15. Like, really, REALLY hard.

queen_daniiiiiii /

16. Finding their catalog is pretty much the only reason to sift through your junk mail.

steffanyrogne /

17. Walking out with a little orange bag (or three) is a euphoric experience. But you always wanna turn back around...

glamtwinz334 /

18. because when you see this sign, you're finally home.