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For Everyone Who Thinks Ulta Is The Best Makeup Store

It's the ULTAmate beauty store!

1. The first time you walked in, it was a life-changing experience.

2. And now you can't help but feel a slight tinge of overwhelming ecstasy every time you walk through the doors.

3. Other makeup stores are fine, but TBH, you'd rather be platinum than rouge.

4. Because you CANNOT beat the discounts at Ulta.

5. No other makeup store is bringing you savings like these!

6. Come on!

7. Honestly, who is tryna spend $20 on a sponge? Not Ulta lovers.

8. They just make you feel so loved.

9. See this shit? This shit was FREE. Just for being your loyal self.

10. And there's a FREAKING SALON! It's a one-stop shop for living your most glam life.

11. Plus, you love that it's one of the few places that carry awesome products like Sam Villa hairbrushes.

12. As well as all your fave Lorac stuff.

13. Its house products are honestly pretty dope.

14. The employees make sure ALL of their customers are taken care of well. They try really hard.

15. Like, really, REALLY hard.

16. Finding their catalog is pretty much the only reason to sift through your junk mail.

17. Walking out with a little orange bag (or three) is a euphoric experience. But you always wanna turn back around...

18. because when you see this sign, you're finally home.