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19 Tweets That Won't Make Sense To Tall Girls

Keepin' the step stool industry in business.

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1. Pants are not clothes. PANTS ARE A CHALLENGE.

my work pants are supposed to be ankle length and they go over my feet ☹️ short girl problems ☹️

2. Let's be real, fashion in general is just not made for you.

When you're so short that your thigh high socks come up to your butt. #shortgirlproblems #shortgirlstruggle #FactsAboutFatal

3. Honestly, short girls are keeping the step stool industry in business.

I heard today is National Short Girl Appreciation Day! Where do I pick up my complimentary step stool? What about booster seat for my car?👧🏼

4. You're tired of people always commenting on your shortness.


5. You're getting pretty sick of asking people to keep their damn elbows off your head.

Personally I can tell you no short girl wants to be your arm rest.

6. But hey, at least you get this perk.

A plus of being a short girl, you can buy cool cloths in kids sections without any problems! 👗

7. Actually, being a short girl does have a lot of benefits.

When the guy selling tickets doesn't believe you are older than 18, so he gives you the child price anyway. #shortgirladvantages #coittower

8. But being mistaken for a kid all the time gets pretty fuckin' old.

#GrowingUpShort Would you like a kids menu?


9. You have to pretend these jokes are funny for the rest of your goddamn life.

"youre so short in person" "hows the weather down there" "need me to help u get that down lol"

10. If you're driving someone else's car you need a good five minutes to adjust the seat.

Short girl problems: getting in to drive your BFs car and you can't reach the steering wheel or pedals 😒

11. And you wish car visors were extendable so they could actually do what they're supposed to do.

My cars visor is completely useless, the sun still beams in my eyes... *short girl problems*

12. And concerts are always a fucking nightmare.

My view of the goo goo dolls. Short girl problems. #ShortGirlProblems #googoodolls


13. High mirrors seem to be against you taking cute selfies.

Short girl problems 😂😂 WHY is this mirror so high????

14. Your kitchen counters become a dangerous jungle gym when you need to reach something.

Climbed on the counter to reach a cup and busted my lip on the cabinet 😒 short girl probs

15. Your feet usually spend about eight hours a day suspended in the air.

@MichelleWRCB knows all about the #shortgirlstruggle at the anchor desk. @WRCB

16. And it leads to some weirdly specific problems.

when my legs dangle off the bench, my feet get numb #GrowingUpShort


17. You soon realize the gym is made for giraffe people.

the struggle being a short girl adjusting the gym equipment but still not ring able to reach 😪

18. The same goes for pools.

when ur at the pool and you hit the 5ft zone and you immediately begin to drown #growingupshort

19. You're still super annoyed that you can't even be a SHORT model.

Tyra did a "short girl" cycle of America's Next Top Model and I still would've been too short to make the cut.. #Confidenceatanalltimehigh