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    18 Tweets That Are Pretty Honest About The Rural Midwest

    More like MidBEST, right?

    1. Hunting is sort of a big deal here.

    2. The weather is often a confusing pile of garbage.

    3. But sometimes it's actually incredibly beautiful.

    4. This noise always gets you a little panicky.

    5. And when the weather sneaks up on you, you have to make do.

    6. You should probably have 10,000 of these Snapchat trophies by now.

    7. If being polite was an Olympic event, the midwest would DOMINATE.

    8. And if you're really in a rural part, animals are just part of life.

    9. And they tend to get involved in our crazy shenanigans.

    10. You don't let them get in the way of your fun though.

    11. Dairy is pretty much a way of life.

    12. Sometimes the daily news is a little... slow.

    13. The big industries are not always so ~glamorous~ tbh.

    14. Impulse purchases are little different here.

    15. This is a thing that 100% definitely happens, for sure.

    16. The wind is honestly so fucking rude most days.

    17. But at least everything is SO FREAKIN' CHEAP.

    18. You know what, this is a pretty solid code to live by.

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