Just 18 Really Funny Tumblr Makeup Posts

Because lipstick really is just a glorified crayon.

1. This perfect color-corrector:

2. This brutally honest truth behind “natural” makeup:

3. This bitter sadness at the end of each day:

4. This question about youths that we’d all like an answer to:

5. This amazing beauty evolution:

6. This reality about color experimentation:

7. This proof that wearing lipstick means you DON’T want to get kissed:

8. This tragedy that every makeup lover faces:

9. These very, um, “creative” lip colors:

10. This lucrative YouTube dream that every makeup lover secretly has:

11. This Instagram struggle we all have to deal with:

12. This perfect depiction of the idea that ~pain is beauty~:

13. This hilarious call-out of the “no makeup” trend:

14. This cold, hard truth about lipstick:

15. This folly when you don’t remember the basics:

16. This experience that inevitably happens at MAC every time:

17. This perfect reason to embrace a smokey eye:

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