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19 Of The Most Lol-Worthy Tumblr Posts About Dating

"There should be a dating website called ebae."

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1. This incredibly genius business idea:

2. This amazing save:

3. This post about just sucking it up:

4. This lesson in chivalry:

5. This important note about post-date etiquette:

6. This person who's really figured out this whole relationship thing:

7. This person who should be hired by Netflix immediately:

8. This incredibly sneaky date idea:

9. This excellent dating advice:

10. This person who took the "shoving breadsticks into my purse" meme to a whole new level:

11. This 100% effective pickup line:

12. This way more accurate rewrite of Spice Girls lyrics:

13. This delicious dating trap:

14. This person who is probably better off not saying the first thing:

15. This move taken straight from Kim Kardashian's playbook:

16. This one simple trick you can use to attract boys:

17. This perfect representation of the importance of opening lines:

18. This hostess who is doing the Lord's work, tbh:

19. And finally, this beautiful, modern love story:

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