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    22 Times Your Mom Saved The Day

    Let's face it, your mom is a SUPERHERO.

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    1. When you were a kid and she risked her life to make sure your closet was monster-free.

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    2. When she slaved over vats of soup for you during the great chickenpox plague of '96.

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    She's always been your primary care physician.

    3. When she went into stealth mode carrying you from the car to your bed without waking you up.


    4. When she put on a heroic smile after you gave her that macaroni necklace for Mother’s Day.

    5. When she rescued you from that awful slumber party at 2 a.m.

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    Me: "Hey mom, can you pick me up?"

    Mom: "NBD."

    6. When she dipped into her 401K plan to buy you those front row NSYNC tickets.

    7. When she bravely defended your honor at parent teacher conferences.

    Bill and Barbara Westbrook

    8. When she momsplained the mysteries of bra shopping.


    Suddenly the alphabet took on a whole new meaning.

    9. When she gave up eight hours of sleep "helping” you with your science fair project.


    Let's be real, she did the whole thing.

    10. When her purse doubled as a utility belt for fruit snacks and nail clippers.


    And batteries, Band-Aids... pretty much anything you could ever need or want.

    11. When she prevented the onset of pneumonia by forcing you to wear a jacket.

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    12. When she became your personal alarm clock after you kept saying “just five more minutes."

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    You were never late for first period.

    13. When she spared you from the embarrassment of buying your first tampons.

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    14. When she lent you her Subaru Outback because you just needed to be free.

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    15. When she sacrificed her vagina to give you life.


    16. When she splurged on those glamour shots that you now use for #tbt.

    17. When she talked you down from your quarter-life crisis.

    18. When she spared you from a ramen-only diet by offering to cook.

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    19. When she bought your plane tickets home so you wouldn't spend the holidays alone.


    20. When she reorganized your apartment so you wouldn’t end up on an episode of Hoarders.


    21. When she preserved your childhood bedroom so you always had a place to crash.


    22. When she called after sensing that you were having a rough day.

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    Mother's intuition strikes again.

    Remember, your mom is a true hero. Don't forget to let her know.


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