21 Hilarious Tumblr Moments That Sum Up Poetry

    This post will bring you so much Joy-ce.

    1. When it made Keats' work hip and relatable to the youths.

    2. When it called Microsoft Word out on its UTTER BULLSHIT.

    3. When it elaborated on everyone's favorite rhyme.

    4. When it accurately summed up a poet's stylistic evolution.

    5. When it threw back to ancient Greece for this amazingly awful pun.

    6. When it pointed out that Percy Shelley had zero chill.

    7. When it knew exactly what goes on in a poet's mind all day.

    8. When it imagined this conversation that Emily Dickinson probably had.

    9. When it pointed out that beat poets weren't great at everything.

    10. When it commented on the brevity of Walt Whitman.

    11. When it noted the general badassery of Lord Byron.

    12. When it used cats to differentiate how some poets approach their work.

    13. When it spilled the truth about poet envy.

    14. When it figured out which metric foot applies to your life.

    15. When it mused on Shakespeare's little-known kink.

    16. When it went the more practical route with Sonnet 18.

    17. When it perfectly envisioned what Elizabeth Barrett Browning would be like at Starbucks.

    18. When it captured your reaction to people who think poetry is dull.

    19. When it rewrote the title of Tender Buttons to be more descriptive.

    20. When it summoned Poe from the grave to deliver this message to other poets.

    21. And finally, when it perfectly described the creative process.