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18 Times Tamara From "Awkward" Taught You How To Live Your Best Life

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1. When she taught you the perfect response to harassment.

2. When she told you how to politely indicate you have little interest in a subject.


3. When she encouraged you to make the most of your private time in the shower.

4. When she showed you how to be a lovely, hospitable host.

5. When she accurately described your post-breakup feelings.


6. When she made clever and informative booze-related poetry.


7. When she perfected the best way to take revenge on someone.

8. When she explained the best way to start every social gathering.

9. When she gave the best advice for dealing with exes.


10. When she illuminated the workings of ancient technology.

11. When she demonstrated how to anticipate your friends' breakdowns.


12. When she taught you that sometimes it's OK to speak ill of the dead.

13. When she educated you on how to properly document your relationship.

14. When she created this incredibly accurate analogy.

15. When she taught you that you have to be willing to make sacrifices for your friends.

16. When she pushed you to consider dating outside your type.

17. When she gave you a lesson on how to own a fashion faux pas.

18. When she showed you how to embrace being on your own.

Bless you, Tamara.

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