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    18 Things That Are Only Funny To Musicians

    Can you Handel this Liszt?

    1. This passive-aggressive direction.

    2. This dynamic marking that may as well be silence.

    3. This collection of treble clefs that will make you feel better about drawing your own.

    4. This mouth word you still don't know how to spell.

    5. This excellent interpretation of a Far East Movement song.

    6. This carefully-placed accent.

    7. This aggravating encounter every pianist deals with.

    8. This enthusiastic fermata.

    9. This musical pun.

    10. This very loud rest.

    11. This very large pan flute.

    12. This extremely difficult moment every musician faces while driving.

    13. This note that is never, ever happening.

    14. This more accurate representation of Johann.

    15. This autocorrect assault against violists.

    16. This word you say every time you have sight read.

    17. This misspelling of Beethoven's 3rd that would probably get more people to come.

    18. And finally, these very accurate titles that composers should definitely use.