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22 Things All "Mr. Robot" Fans Know To Be True

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

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1. Every episode psychologically DESTROYS you in some way.

2. And just when you think you finally figured out what's happening...

3. ...some new question leaves you scratching your head.

4. The show has made you incredibly suspicious of social media.

5. You keep thinking this show is a lot like Fight Club, but then you remember when it got Star Wars as fuck.

6. And then realizing why Darlene is so comfortable around Elliot blew your fucking mind.

7. You're kind of in awe of all the little details they throw in.

8. You still turn into a teary, snotty mess when you think about Shayla.

9. You fondly remember simpler times, when Elliot talking to his fish was the weirdest thing on the show.

10. You still feel soooooooo bad for Bill.

11. You're now hyper-aware of what a corporate slave you are.

12. You want to punch Ollie every time he comes on the screen.

13. You're not really sure how much more destruction Elliot's microwave can take.

14. You need some serious recovery time after each episode to put your brain back together.

turning my friends into mr. robot trash #blessed

15. You get so frustrated because the show is LITERALLY FUCKING WITH YOU. The social media people for this show are definitely a part of fsociety.

16. You seriously begin to question how real you are and what role you have in all this, even though it's a fucking fictional TV show!

17. White Rose is everything you hoped she could be and more, and you pray she's not *really* done with Elliot.

18. You could summarize a lot of episodes like this.

I guess my subconscious writes the descriptions for Mr Robot episodes on the USA Apple TV app

19. You were kind of attracted to Tyrell despite his creepiness, until THAT scene happened.

20. But you're still weirdly over-invested in Tyrell and Joanna's relationship.

21. And even though this show has left you emotionally crippled...

22. know you'll never be able to quit it.


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