15 Phrases Classical Musicians Are Sick Of Hearing

    Phantom of the Opera is NOT AN OPERA.

    1. "Classical music is dead."

    2. "I only listen to classical if I'm studying or trying to fall asleep."

    3. "Oh, I love classical music. Phantom of the Opera is my favorite opera!"

    4. "Yeah, my favorite opera singer is probably Jackie Evancho. Or Susan Boyle."

    5. "You should go on X Factor!"

    6. "So what's your day job?"

    7. "Why didn't you pick something more practical?"

    8. "Sing/play something for me right now!"

    9. "Can I play your violin/trumpet/oboe?"

    10. "Ugh, I feel like classical musicians are so pretentious."

    11. "I would go to the symphony but I don't wanna get dressed up."

    12. "Going to the opera is so expensive!"

    13. "Why would I want to listen to music by a bunch of dead guys?"

    14. "'Clair de Lune' is great!"

    15. "Classical music is boring."