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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Jul 12, 2015

    15 Phrases Classical Musicians Are Sick Of Hearing

    Phantom of the Opera is NOT AN OPERA.

    1. "Classical music is dead."

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    The only thing that's dead is your attention span.

    2. "I only listen to classical if I'm studying or trying to fall asleep."

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    3. "Oh, I love classical music. Phantom of the Opera is my favorite opera!"

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    Phantom is great, but an opera it is not.

    4. "Yeah, my favorite opera singer is probably Jackie Evancho. Or Susan Boyle."

    NBC /

    Please google Kathleen Battle or Renee Fleming.

    5. "You should go on X Factor!"

    Bravo /

    No. Just no. Just no no no no.

    6. "So what's your day job?"


    Uh, as if being a musician can't be a full-time job?

    7. "Why didn't you pick something more practical?"

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    Oh, idk, why don't you leave me alone?!

    8. "Sing/play something for me right now!"

    NBC /

    Seriously, DON'T. Unless you're prepared to perform for me, too.

    9. "Can I play your violin/trumpet/oboe?"

    Fox /

    Show me your music degree first, then MAYBE you can look at it.

    10. "Ugh, I feel like classical musicians are so pretentious."


    Lol OK, call me when you're ready to admit that you don't just like Taylor Swift ~ironically~.

    11. "I would go to the symphony but I don't wanna get dressed up."

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    We couldn't care less if you show up in a tux or sweats... just go!

    12. "Going to the opera is so expensive!"

    The Second City Network /

    So were those Beyoncé tickets.

    13. "Why would I want to listen to music by a bunch of dead guys?"

    CBS /

    K, but you still worship John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, and Bob Marley. Meanwhile, plenty of living composers just wish you'd give 'em a chance.

    14. "'Clair de Lune' is great!"

    NBC /

    Look, it's awesome that you're aware of Debussy, but there is SO MUCH more music out there.

    15. "Classical music is boring."

    Focus Features /

    Look, classical music spans hundreds of years. If you look hard enough, you'll find something you like.

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