15 Of The Most WTF Facts About Serial Killers

    They're hiding in plain sight.

    1. Ted Bundy saved a child from drowning.

    2. Jeffrey Dahmer pulled so many weird pranks in high school his classmates dubbed it "doing a Dahmer."

    3. John Wayne Gacy shook hands with former First Lady Rosalynn Carter.

    4. Dennis Rader worked for ADT Security Services, installing home security alarms.

    5. Rodney Alcala won The Dating Game.

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    Bachelor No. 2, Jed Mills, said Alcala "was very strange" and that he "had bizarre opinions and a very strange body language and aura." Thankfully, bachelorette Cheryl Bradshaw refused to go on a date with him because she thought he was "creepy."

    His crimes: Alcala is suspected of killing 130 people.

    6. Pedro López was released from a mental hospital on $50 bail.

    7. Robert Lee Yates worked a prison guard in Walla Walla, Washington.

    8. Kenneth Bianchi actually applied for a job at the Los Angeles Police Department, and even went on some ride alongs in a patrol car.

    9. Chalres Ng enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

    10. Marcel Petiot served as a mayor of the town of Villaneuve.

    11. Richard Chase believed he could absorb vitamin C through his brain by placing oranges on his head.

    12. H.H. Holmes was married to three women at the same time.

    13. John Bodkin Adams would make sure he always had cake while attending his operations.

    14. Joe Ball fed stray animals to the alligators in his Sociable Inn.

    15. Ottis Toole's grandmother was allegedly a Satanist who took him out to dig graves for rituals.