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18 Things Taylor Swift Has Revealed About Herself Through Her Tumblr Likes

♫ "I've got a finger, baby, and I'll like your post." ♫

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Taylor Swift has liked a lot of things on Tumblr.

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A lot of it is fan praise.

But some of it is kinda random.

1. She understands the pure ecstasy that can be found in refrigerated fast food.

2. She thinks her head is the perfect match for Barack Obama's bod.

3. She supports this dog's Twizzler hoarding.

4. She's SUBTLY HINTING that maaaaaaybe Calvin is just the decoy for her and Ed's relationship.

5. She feels that this girl and this cinnamon bun are basically twins.

6. She has interest in joining a unicorn fan club.

7. She's willing to step on her fans so they can achieve their life goals.

8. She's glad this person's exams are done, even though she probably hasn't had to take an exam in like years.

9. She approves of mother-daughter twinning.

10. She takes evil joy in this person's traumatic bird experiences.

11. She delights in savory homemade sauces.

12. She encourages friendship with animal bandits.

13. She thinks this cat is cute. Probably because this cat is cute.

14. She likes rhymes. Maybe we'll hear this riveting wordplay in a new single?

15. For some reason she thinks Ed Sheeran would be Andrew in her fan casting of The Breakfast Club.

16. She's into this person's bad day. Or she's liking it to make them feel better. One of the two.

17. She prefers to conserve perfectly good paper.

18. And she empathizes with selfie vulnerability.

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