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19 Foods Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

Sadness never tasted so good.

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1. This cereal who is begging to be dropped back in the milk.

2. This pumpkin scone who's ashamed to have it end this way.

3. This coconut who's out of hope.

4. This sandwich thing who would rather spoil than get eaten.

5. This mayonnaise who's preparing for inevitable mouth torture.

6. This potato who's contemplating the poor life choices that got her here.

7. This banana snack who wishes he wasn't so disgustingly delicious.

8. This pickle that's praying for a miracle right now.

9. This mushroom that's thinking wistfully of her home in the forest.

10. This cookie who's begging for mercy.

11. This Yorkshire pudding who hopes death comes quickly.

12. This panzerotti who knows he'll never see his family again.

13. This gingerbread man who never thought it would come to this.

14. This breakfast who's crying yolky tears.

15. This pie who's judging you for eating him.

16. This chocolate bar who is imploring you to reconsider.

17. This lasagna who doesn't know where it all went wrong.

18. And this donut who JUST WANTS TO LIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

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