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25 Reasons Why Disney Should Never Have Cancelled "The Weekenders"

Disney should never have said "later days" to this cartoon.

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1. They weren't afraid to break the fourth wall.

Disney /

It's important for kids to learn that their favorite characters can hear them through the television screen.


Seriously though, it's not like cartoons have a wardrobe budget. Why is this show the only one breaking ground here?

3. They fully embraced the show's formulaic nature.

Then again Tino's mom was also surprisingly in tune with her son's feelings.

4. They were all about calling parents out on their bullshit.

5. In fact, Tino had a lot of poignant observations about parents.

Disney /

Perhaps even bigger freaks.

6. As did Lor.

Disney /

Those fools had it coming.

7. Tino's mom demonstrated the power of throwing shade.

Poor Tino. Gross green stuff with a side of insults for dinner.

8. They made it okay to break gender stereotypes.

Have you tried pairing your crush's first name with your last name? It's way hotter.

9. They valued the importance of TV as a moral compass.

Disney /

Thank god for everyone's favorite third parent, television.

10. They recognized that you need more than love to make a relationship work.

Disney /

Let's ride the Carousel of Clear Boundaries next!

11. Despite being twelve, they had the sickest comebacks.

12. And they were ridiculously wise beyond their years.

Disney /

Bet you weren't expecting to find existential peace on a Saturday morning cartoon.

13. But they also understood how time and youth are fleeting.

Disney /

Which is like a third of the way to being 100!

14. Carver blew your mind by poking holes in established proverbs.

And who knows? Three wrongs might solve everything.

15. Tish proved that if you spend all your time being a perfectionist, you might miss the big picture.

What a cruel irony that being a perfectionist kept her from being perfect.

16. Tino found a clever way for you to disguise the fact that you're a control freak.

They're totally different things!

17. Lor showed you how to embrace your inner mean girl.

Disney /

Sometimes she was basically a Regina George in training. She's obviously destined to be on the lacrosse team.

18. They emphasized that working smart is better than working hard.

Disney /

This show takes place over the weekend, why put in more effort than you have to?

19. They perfectly summarized what it felt like to be too old for trick-or-treating.

Disney / om/post/38588245811/requested-by-passionmakesmestronger

Guess you can just... buy candy this year?

20. They revealed the bullshit nature of sequels.

And always slightly disappointing.

21. Tish's mom showcased how fun the English language can be if you get creative.

"Is what I say!"

22. They made you streetwise by teaching you the art of bribery.

Or perhaps you'd like to meet my friend FDR?

23. They really highlighted the importance of considering others' feelings.

24. They respected the fact that sometimes the best things don't come from nature.

Disney /

When you live in California for so long, nature kind of loses its beauty.

25. And most importantly, they respected the fact that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the only days that matter.

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