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    Ray Chen Is Officially The Hottest Violinist Alive

    You'll wish you were a violin just to give him a neck hickey.

    For those of you not in the know, this is Ray Chen.

    He's an incredible violinist.

    Oh and he's also HOT AS FUCK.

    Like, DAMN.


    He even looks hot in period clothing.

    But don't let his attractiveness intimidate you. He's still a giant dork.

    And even though he's a world-renowned violinist, he's still capable of derpiness, just like you and me.

    When he's not goofing around, you can find him cavorting about with other hot violin baes, like Lorenzo Gatto...

    ... or Benjamin Beilman!

    Need proof of his superior skills? Here, have some Prokofiev.

    Of course, Ray is a generous soul. Here he is using Instagram to slay us all with a mini masterclass.

    Oh, and he's a total mama's boy, so you know he knows how to treat a lady.

    He somehow manages to make eating tiny desserts even more adorable.

    And his face is so sweet it deserves to be on a cookie!

    He always looks great dressed up...

    ... AND down!

    He's definitely down for threesomes... violin threesomes, that is.

    Remember ladies and gentleman, violinists really know how to use their fingers.

    So get out there and worship your new favorite violin bae.