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    25 Puns That Will Satisfy All Poetry Nerds

    Puns are bad, but poetry is verse.

    1. Why is John Keats such an ass man?

    2. Why did the free verse poem ignore the sonnet?

    3. Why is Dylan Thomas terrible in bed?

    4. What's Edgar Allan Poe's favorite TV show?

    5. What do you call an ode to your arms and legs?

    6. How do you know William Carlos Williams is possessive about his game consoles?

    7. What do you call fiction writers who try to write poetry?

    8. How will Shakespeare vanquish his enemies?

    9. What does the reluctant poet write?

    10. What does Walt Whitman wear after he mows his lawn?

    11. Why are poets known as the smelliest writers?

    12. Where do they bury dead poets?

    13. Which poet tends to be a little TMI?

    14. What would you find in a pirate's drafts?

    15. What did Mary Shelley say when Percy claimed he was the better poet?

    16. Which poet used the most colorful language?

    17. How do dinosaurs structure their verses?

    18. Why did Emily Dickinson blow off the bill collectors?

    19. What's Maya Angelou's favorite steady structure?

    20. What's the sickest poem ever written?

    21. Which poet would Sylvester Stallone play in a movie?

    22. What sound did Matsuo Basho make as a baby?

    23. What do you get when you're aroused by an elegy?

    24. What did the greedy relative ask when the romantic poet died?

    25. And finally, why should we arrest all poets?