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Aug 2, 2015

24 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up Pop Punk

#GrowingUpPopPunk has definitely heard of closing the goddamned door.

1. You can do a really good Tom DeLonge in "I Miss You" impersonation.

Who else sang it like this #growinguppoppunk

2. All your favorite bands straddled this weird line.

#GrowingUpPopPunk "No they're not a boyband." "But they're also not a rock band." "It's a confusing scene."

3. You sort of dreaded turning 23 and losing all your friends.

#growinguppoppunk just waiting for what feels like forever to get this cake on your 23rd birthday

4. You just ~didn't fit~ in your tiny little suburb.

"#GrowingUpPopPunk on a scale of all time low to a day to remember, how much do you hate this small town?"

5. Your parents couldn't even come close to understanding you.

#GrowingUpPopPunk when ur father doesn't want to take you to the city to see a marching band

6. You struggled with moshing because it looked cool but was way too violent for you.

#GrowingUpPopPunk Moshing to Blink 182 because hardcore stuff is too scary.

7. The wound still hasn't healed from the most devastating breakup you've ever witnessed.

You're lying if you said your heart didn't break while reading this #GrowingUpPopPunk

8. Band tees were the best way to broadcast your authenticity to the rest of the scene.

#growinguppoppunk owning like 30,000 band tees but only two pairs of black jeans to go with them..

9. These belts. You owend SO MANY of these fucking belts.

#GrowingUpPopPunk wearing like two of these around your waist and only one for your actual pants

10. You're secretly still hoping for an eyeliner tutorial from Gerard Way.

Wishing you could do eyeliner as good as him. #GrowingUpPopPunk

11. You really admire this clever jab at both F.O.B. and Panic! at the Disco.

#GrowingUpPopPunk never knowing what in the hELL patrick stump was saying (by panic! at the disco)

12. Actually, listening to Panic! was pretty educational.

Having a big vocabulary because of Panic! At The Disco. #GrowingUpPopPunk

13. You shunned all the ~mainstream~ dudes for guys who tied bandanas around their legs.

14. Looking at this girl was basically like looking in a mirror in 2005.

#GrowingUpPopPunk when this photo represents your life (@Sarah__182)

15. You wore these gloves that served literally no purpose except to get caught in things.

16. You probably would've had a heart attack if you favorite band dude wrote your favorite lyrics on your favorite pair of Converse.

#GrowingUpPopPunk crying after this

17. The day they announced the Warped Tour lineup was like your own personal Christmas.

#growinguppoppunk this becomes your life Motto

18. You wore these to look tough, but you could often be found dancing like a maniac to ATL songs.

#GrowingUpPopPunk I used to wear these back in elementary

19. You appreciate that someone actually took the time to set up an account and do this.

#GrowingUpPopPunk being the boy who blocked his own shot

20. This was your first love and you felt betrayed when he went full pop and married Ashlee Simpson.

21. You never had to write your breakup texts because some band already did it for you.

Breaking up with your girlfriend using Real Friends lyrics. #GrowingUpPopPunk

22. Your biggest challenge in life was figuring out the best way to arrange all your band posters.

#GrowingUpPopPunk your bedroom wall looking like this...

23. You never really understood the scene's weird obsession with pizza.

#GrowingUpPopPunk everyone seems to be obsessed with pizza and that's okay 😁

24. No matter what, you'll always be a pop punk kid on the inside.

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