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    22 Hilarious Pictures Only "The Walking Dead" Fans Will Understand

    This post is full of stuff and thaaaaaaaaaangs.

    1. This one that describes what we were ALL thinking during Morgan's solo episode.

    The Walking Dead funny meme. How we felt…

    2. This hilarious take on Noah's brutal death.

    That was sooooo disturbing!! But this meme made it ok. #WalkingDead #Noah

    3. This one that showcases Rick's love for stuff and thangs.

    The Way To Rick's Heart, Is Through His Thaaangs

    4. This meme that celebrates Daryl's grunge.

    I love this @WalkingDead_AMC meme. @wwwbigbaldhead @mcbridemelissa #TheWalkingDead

    5. This excellent lyrical adaptation of Lori's romantic life.

    6. This attack on Glenn's hair-growing abilities.

    Please Glenn ...shave your prominet moustache !!!

    7. This brilliant explanation of why the Gov killed Caesar.

    @trevschan2 here is a meme for you to use in your next walking dead Q&A

    8. This tribute to your true fave, Tabitha.

    Tabitha The Goat in The Walking Dead

    9. This description that is somehow very true.

    This is the best #TheWalkingDead #Meme I've seen lately 😂 #TWD @TheWalkingDead @WalkingDead_AMC @WalkinDeadReact

    10. This meme that brings to light what Santa would do in the zombie apocalypse.

    11. This example of Lori's questionable parenting skills.

    One of the great things about rewatching TWD is that I can use this meme again! #TheWalkingDead #Carl

    12. This one that makes us all question Michonne's tracking abilities.

    #TheWalkingDeadMarathon means I have 1 more chance to tweet my Governor meme. #TheWalkingDead @WalkingDead_AMC

    13. This adorable examination of Tara's relationship.

    14. This one about Andrea's awful luck.

    @MikaelaFaustini #TheWalkingDead Andre meme might make you giggle a bit!

    15. This is actually a very important question.

    Who the fuck has been cutting everyone's grass during the zombie apocalypse? by @4chan featuring @SirPatStew

    16. This proof that Carol and Rick will come for everything you love.

    I'm dying! 😂😂😂 #TheWalkingDead #Meme

    17. This one featuring Carol's many secrets.

    I'll have this meme in next week's podcast of #AMC #TWD #TheWalkingDead

    18. This great example of a murder-happy Carol.

    RT @N3rdsTheWord: I heard somebody was coughing. #walkingdead

    19. This one that calls out Maggie's lack of sisterly love.

    What a disappointment Maggie!! 😵 |#BethGreene #MaggieGreene #TheWalkingDead #Meme #LOL #EmilyKinney #LaurenCohan|

    20. This hot take on T-Dog's death.

    Still the most hilarious meme ever #TheWalkingDead

    21. This one that perfectly describes Shane's transformation.

    22. And finally, this one that's TOO accurate.

    The truth behind this wonderful meme can't be truly spoken #TheWalkingDead #TWDTakeover