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Proof That Dogbuns Are Better Than Manbuns

You can teach an old dog new styles.

1. This chic chignon.

2. This bodacious bun.

3. This nifty knot.

4. This mesmerizing messy bun.

5. This cuddly coif.

6. This handsome hairdo.

7. This studly style.

8. This amazing up-do.

9. This multi-tiered masterpiece.

10. This radical roll.

11. This couture canine.

12. This magnificent mop.

13. This pretty little pouf.

14. This bun-loving bichon.

15. This short scrape-up.

16. These luscious locks.

17. This well-managed mane.

18. This casual coil.

19. This trendy topknot.

20. This delightful dogbun.

21. These matching mugs.

22. This delicate 'do.

23. This heavenly hairstyle.

24. These tender tresses.

Game over for the guy on the right. Seriously manbun aficionados, you've been beaten.

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