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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    23 People Who Totally Nailed The Black Lipstick Trend

    Inky lips sink ships.

    1. Listen up people. Black lipstick looks FLY AS HELL.

    2. Check out this dark matte look! Exquisite.

    3. Black hoodie + black lips = perfection

    4. These goth lips and glam locks are to die for.

    5. "Surprised my lips look so good? Not me."

    6. Nothing says fall like a cozy sweater and jet black lipstick.

    7. Glamourgoth alert!

    8. This pitch-black princess is slaying!

    9. See? Black-lipped goth peeps do smile.

    10. But not always.

    11. Because they know they look FIERCE AF.

    12. Inky lips sink ships.

    13. These seriously dark smoochers are incredible.

    14. Turns out you can be bright and gothy at the same time!

    15. See?

    16. Pink hair and black lips are the perfect combo.

    17. Sometimes black lipstick is the only makeup you need.

    18. Or you can pair your super dark lips with super bold brows.

    19. Because it looks STUNNIN'.



    22. WORK IT.

    23. FLAWLESS.

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