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23 Hot Men Who'll Make You Want To Move To Chicago

The windy city doesn't blow when it comes to hot guys.

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1. Jesse Williams

From: Humboldt Park

What he's known for: Acting on Grey's Anatomy, Brooklyn's Finest, and Lee Daniels' The Butler.

Why he's Chicago hot: Williams is the perfect camp boyfriend, and you could spend all summer at Humboldt Park Boathouse staring into those gorgeous eyes.

2. Harrison Ford

From: Des Plaines

What he's known for: Acting in the Star Wars series, the Indiana Jones series, and Blade Runner.

Why he's Chicago hot: This versatile film veteran used his skills and inherent charm to work all across Chicago, including "on a boat in Burnham Park Harbor, in a nightclub on the near north side" and as "... a manager at the first Crate & Barrel on Wells Street."

3. Andrew Bird

From: Lake Forest

What he's known for: "Pulaski at Night," "Hot Math," and "Imitosis."

Why he's Chicago hot: Bird is every Chicago hipster girl's dream guy. Back in the day you could find him hanging around the Logan Square farmer's market. And now "when Bird’s back home in Chicago, he likes to bike around town, just 'running errands,' visiting friends, meeting with local artisans."


4. Jeremih

From: South Side

What he's known for: "Don't Tell 'Em," "Down On Me," and "Birthday Sex."

Why he's Chicago hot: Jeremih is your perfect down to earth dude, as evidenced by how he recently relived his experiences on the 112 Vincennes bus route.

5. Patrick Stump

From: Wilmette

What he's known for: Singer for Fall Out Boy.

Why he's Chicago hot: Stump really knows how to use his hands and push all the right buttons, which is why he loves the interactive nature of the Museum of Science and Industry.

6. Danny Pudi

From: Brighton Park

What he's known for: Acting on Community.

Why he's Chicago hot: Pudi's tongue really knows what it wants, and like any authentic Chicagoan, it's giardiniera. On everything.

7. Echo Kellum

From: South Side

What he's known for: Acting on Ben and Kate and Sean Saves the World.

Why he's Chicago hot: Kellum cited how the city's "grind it out mentality" taught him how to "keep going and going," which definitely means he has the stamina to last all night.


8. Evan Lysacek

From: Naperville

What he's known for: Winning the gold medal for figure skating at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Why he's Chicago hot: Who doesn't love a man with prestige? You can always enjoy the pomp and circumstance with him on March 26th, which is officially Evan Lysacek Day in Naperville.

9. Lupe Fiasco

From: Harvey

What he's known for: "The Show Goes On," "Battle Scars," and "Words I Never Said."

Why he's Chicago hot: There's nothing hotter than a musician who knows how to jam, and that's exactly what Fiasco did as a youth, right on the beach at 67th street.

10. Thomas Lennon

From: Oak Park

What he's known for: Acting on The State, Reno 911!, and The Odd Couple.

What makes him Chicago hot: Lennon learned to play the cello at Horace Mann Elementary, making him the ultimate package of funny and sensitive.

11. Derrick Rose

From: Englewood

What he's known for: Plays for the Chicago Bulls.

Why he's Chicago hot: Rose knows how to use that rippling, muscled physique to do that dreaded Chicago winter ritual: shovel the snow around his car. Except his car is a Bentley.


12. Sean Hayes

From: Glen Ellyn

What he's known for: Acting on Will & Grace.

Why he's Chicago hot: This Chicago cutie couldn't help but stay in his home state for college, and learned how to use those amazing fingers studying piano at Illinois State University.

13. Jonathan Sadowski

From: South Side

What he's known for: Acting in She's the Man, Live Free Or Die Hard, and Young & Hungry.

Why he's Chicago hot: Sadowki said that "growing up in the south side" made him "pretty resilient" so you know he can be a little rough, but still flexible.

14. William Beckett

From: Barrington

What he's known for: Singer for The Academy Is...

Why he's Chicago hot: This sentimental sweetheart will definitely make you swoon. He even got all nostalgic and named the band's third studio album after his alma matter, Barrington High School.

15. Common

From: Calumet Heights

What he's known for: Rapping and acting in Wanted and Street Kings.

Why he's Chicago hot: You gotta love a man who's always thinking of the children and gives back to the community he came from. That's exactly what Common did with his Common Ground Foundation, which provides youth mentoring and college readiness programs to Chicago youths.


16. John Cusack

From: Evanston

What he's known for: Acting in Sixteen Candles, Say Anything, and Being John Malkovich.

Why he's Chicago hot: This '80s teen heartthrob can really loosen you up with a fine glass of wine, and he has been known to bartend at O'Rourke's.

17. Tom Higgenson

From: Lombard

What he's known for: Singer for The Plain White T's.

Why he's Chicago hot: You can get a glimpse of Higgenson handling his wiener at his fave Chicago chain, Portillo's. Maybe he'll even give your buns a squeeze.

18. Michael Beschloss

From: Flossmoor

What he's known for: Being a presidential historian and author.

Why he's Chicago hot: You can't find a bigger, sexier brain on this list, and in 2004 the state of Illinois awarded him the Order of Lincoln.


20. Bill Rancic

From: Orland Park

What he's known for: Winner of the first season of The Apprentice and real estate development.

Why he's Chicago hot: If Rancic praising the work ethic of his fellow Chicagoans isn't enough for you, you can sink your teeth into this hot piece of man meat at his Chicago restaurant, RPM Steak.

21. Pete Wentz

From: Wilmette

What he's known for: Bassist for Fall Out Boy.

Why he's Chicago hot: Wentz can get you all dolled up and then undress you with those pretty eyes at his favorite shopping spot, Belmont Army Surplus in Lakeview.

22. Dwyane Wade

From: Robbins

What he's known for: Plays for the Miami Heat.

Why he's Chicago hot: Wade isn't afraid to let things get a little messy and will gladly lick Harold's Chicken sauce off your lips.

23. Michael Magee

From: Barrington

What he's known for: Plays for Chicago Fire.

Why he's Chicago hot: Magee is a daddy who knows that after the baby-making session, the midwest is best when it comes to raising kids.