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    16 Spongebob Observations That Will Make You Laugh Then Go "Hmmm"

    Are ya ready kids?!

    1. This recognition of how scary the movie was:

    2. This realization about Squidward's name:

    3. This horrific image:

    4. This musing on life in Bikini Bottom:

    5. This look into Squidward's love life:

    6. This thought about cursing in Bikini Bottom:

    7. This realization about Mr. Krabs' patriotism:

    8. This theory about The Krusty Krab:

    9. This gross hypothesis about Plankton's restaurant:

    10. This detective work about secret formula espionage:

    11. This analysis of the evolution of Spongebob:

    12. This mystery about Sandy:

    13. This funny look at Spongebob's and Squidward's skeletons:

    14. This adage for the ages:

    15. This question that NEEDS to be answered:

    16. And finally, this incredible reveal about Krabby Patties: