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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Mar 3, 2016

    16 Snapchats Lazy Girls Would Send If They Were Honest

    *Uses filter to compensate for lack of makeup*

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    1. When you know that the messy bun is not just a hairstyle, but a way of life.

    Farrah Penn for BuzzFeed

    2. When you take a pic of literally anything but your face because it's noon and you haven't even rolled out of bed yet.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    3. When making a healthy, balanced meal is just too much goddamn effort.

    Farrah Penn for BuzzFeed

    4. When you wear the same shirt five days in a row because fashion is too hard.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    5. When you wear a maxi dress specifically because you only have to shave your ankles.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    6. When getting out of bed is the biggest battle you fight all day.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    7. When your friend invites you to the club on Saturday but your couch is so much more inviting.

    Farrah Penn for BuzzFeed

    8. When you let the world know your hair hasn't felt water in two weeks thanks to dry shampoo.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed / Heidi Uusitorppa / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: hongatar

    9. When you beg your friends to help out with the chores you've been putting off.

    Farrah Penn for BuzzFeed / EvelynGiggles / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: evelynishere

    10. When you come across a time-saving hack that'll forever change how you do your makeup.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed / beautygloss /

    11. When you're at peak lazy but also super thirsty.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    12. When you can't be bothered to move two feet to reach your charger.

    Farrah Penn for BuzzFeed

    13. When you wish blankets were acceptable articles of clothing.

    Farrah Penn for BuzzFeed

    14. When you're too lazy to take off your nail polish, but you're also too lazy to redo it.

    Thinkstock / Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    15. When you wear workout clothes because they're comfy — not to actually work out.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: 86130080@N06

    16. And finally, when you take off your jeans as soon as you get home because you're living your best life.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

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