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17 Incredible "Degrassi" Fashion Moments

New year, new look, new Paige.

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1. Emma's dolphin pants:


These pants were the epitome of early '00s style. Plus, they managed to incorporate one of young Emma's favorite causes: saving the dolphins. Who knew fashion could be so environmentally conscious?

4. Emma's borrowed gym shorts:


While this might not be the most flattering look Emma wore, it was certainly the most empowering. In these shorts she announced her first period to Ms. Kwan's English class, and reminded us all that periods are natural and nothing to be ashamed of.


5. PMS's Craig t-shirts:


What better way is there to get back at your cheating ex than by putting his face on a flaming background? PMS may have lost the battle of the bands, but they won our hearts. These shirts make PMS the definition of #SquadGoals.

6. Duke's chauffeur look:


Duke, aka Billy Ray Cyrus, showed up like this to pick up Jimmy and his friends for prom. The hat paired with the tuxedo shirt and fringe jacket ensured that he would be the most memorable part of the evening. Way to make your mark!

7. Paige's catfight outfit:

Paige totally owned this dress-over-jeans look. The shredded pink shit on her shoulder was just a foreshadowing of the ass-kicking that was about to go down between her and Manny. Pretty in pink? More like punchy in pink.

8. Ellie's beach ensemble:


Ellie repped the goth girl life everywhere she went, including the beach. The plaid skirt says "I'm fun" while the pants underneath say "JK, stay the fuck away from me." Honestly, why would you want to ruin your fragile pale skin with a tan? Take a cue from Ellie and cover up.


12. Ashley's orange camouflage shirt:


You may be wondering why this, out of so many of Ashley's fashions made it on to the list. This is the last outfit Ashley wore before she went goth, and what an incredible shirt it is. Using camouflage to stand out is exactly the kind of ~subversive~ thing Ashley would do. She went out with a bang!


13. Jimmy and Spinner's Squatch Design shirts:

It's a shame that Drake has yet to re-open Squatch Designs, because people would go nuts for it. Look at how fly he and Spin look! That robot monster with a Santa hat is definitely what the kids are itching for these days.

14. Manny's prom underwear:

When Paige pulled off Manny's dress, you definitely weren't expecting to see this conservative number. Where's the thong? These undergarments showcased the fact that Manny was a total style chameleon. What a classy prom queen!

15. Ashley's short hair:


Ashley may have changed her style once she went goth, but her hair was definitely the most striking difference. Cut out your friends, cut off your hair. This dark princess is a living metaphor!

16. Emma's wedding dress:

Nickelodeon /

The amazing thing about Emma's wedding dress is that we barely get to see it. It's constantly covered up by her giant bouquet or hidden by Spinner. This is the show's way of letting us know it's an abomination, just like her marriage to Spinner. SEAN AND EMMA 4 LYFE!

17. And finally, this girl's jeans:


We don't know who this girl is, but she certainly put the "ass" in Degrassi. They looked tight, but the pockets were clearly big enough to hold a giant old cell phone. She's a true Canadian icon.