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    I Tried Out Victoria's Secret's (Un)Dress Code At Work And Felt Very Exposed

    It definitely wasn't a secret.

    Hey guys, Nina here. My work style is pretty casual, thanks to BuzzFeed’s fairly lax dress code. Crop tops, short skirts, and sheer things are wardrobe staples for me. And while I tend not to get too risqué with my work clothes, I’ve always been interested in trying it out.

    So when I heard Victoria's Secret was trying to sell lingerie as "outside wear," I definitely wanted to give it a try!

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    The mini collection was called the (Un)Dress Code. Victoria's Secret received some backlash for the collection on Facebook and ended up pulling the ads from its site. We bought some pieces from the collection while they were still for sale on the site, but they are no longer available.

    The first piece I tried was this lace pencil skirt ($52).

    Seriously, it's very hard to sit down and bend over. Even turning around seemed too revealing.

    The next piece I tried was this little green bralette ($58.50).

    People really struggled to look at my face when they talked to me.

    The last item I tried was this cute green slip ($68).

    This slip also didn't pass the bend-over test because the bottom quarter of it is totally sheer!

    Overall, I think these three pieces are cute and comfy, but they just don't feel practical enough to rock at work.