I Wore Makeup "Don'ts" For A Week And This Is What Happened

    I’m not really sure who decided blue eyeshadow was a no-no, but I think that person is wrong!

    Hey guys, Nina here. I love playing with makeup, but I'm certainly no Instagram beauty guru. In fact, I learn a lot by reading and watching stuff online.

    But a lot of advice out there says certain things don't work for ANYONE and that no one should EVER commit these makeup sins.

    Being the contrarian that I am, I decided to find out what it would be like to wear these makeup "don'ts" for a full week to see how people reacted and how I actually felt about them after trying them out.

    People loved it. And hated it.

    Here's a closeup of my glitter highlighter, lightin' up the bathroom.

    Here is a closeup of my Kylie Jenner-esque lips.

    There were a lot of elements I loved about this week. It gave me a chance to experiment with things I never would have done otherwise, like wearing crimson on my lids or body glitter in a year other than 2002. Challenging myself to wear "don'ts" forced me to not give a fuck what people think. When you look like you dove lip-first into a pile of powdered sugar, you can't let what people think of your look ruin your whole day. That's no way to live your life. Don't be afraid to take a risk because someone else isn't OK with it. Do what works for you.

    A lot of people will act like they're an authority on makeup and make value judgments on shades and techniques. But your journey with makeup is YOURS and yours alone. For this week, my face was a canvas to play and create and try new things. I learned so much from that. Ultimately, nothing is a "don't" unless you say it is.

    Long live makeup "don'ts"!