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    I Acted Like Selena Gomez On Instagram And This Is What Happened

    Call me SelNINA.

    Hey guys, Nina here. This is me on Instagram. I will fully admit to being vain AF, and I've tried to cultivate a ~cute and cool~ aesthetic. But if I want to play in the big leagues, I figured I'd have to take cues from the most followed person on Instagram: Selena Gomez!

    Selena's Instagram aesthetic is actually kind of hard to pin down. She has cute photos, artsy photos, low-quality pics, high-quality ads, videos...everything! So I decided to take some well-liked pictures and re-create them!

    1. The "#Ad That's So Freakin' Glam You Forget It's an #Ad" shot.

    My re-creation:

    The "Looking Flawless While Perfectly Balancing on a Shopping Cart and Sucking a Popsicle" shot.

    My re-creation:

    My boyfriend had to take about a thousand shots to get just the right one. For every one decent picture, there were three of me awkwardly adjusting myself.

    The "Casually Playing a Piano in a Bikini as if It Were Normal" shot.

    My re-creation:

    The "Legs for Days but Also Be Careful Not to Show My Underwear" shot.

    My re-creation:

    I don't think this picture is very iconic, but to my surprise, SOMEONE CAUGHT ME!

    The "I Don't Give a Fuck if There's a Trash Can and Water Bottles in This Pic, I Look Good" shot.

    My re-creation:

    The "Tugging on Your Hair While Also Not Wearing a Shirt or Bra" shot.

    My re-creation:

    My mother was not pleased with my new aesthetic.

    The "Blurry Closeup Because Fuck It" shot.

    My re-creation:

    Things I learned:

    1. Selena is confident and famous enough to not need an Instagram aesthetic.

    2. I am not.

    3. It takes roughly 3,498,204 tries to re-create her ~casual~-looking pics.

    4. Selena and I have different "good" angles.

    5. Imitating Selena will not get me 99.5 million followers.

    6. Being regular, try-hard me is better than being a budget Selena.

    7. My boyfriend is a hero for taking most of these pics.