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    Aug 4, 2015

    This Harp Cover Of "Style" Will Haunt You

    Only click this if you're prepared to be hit in the feels.

    Let's face it, Swift fans. It's August, and even though you're feeling "Bad Blood," you still wanna bop to "Style."

    Big Machine /

    You're in luck. Singer and harpist Emilie & Ogden recently uploaded this harp cover of "Style" and OH MY GOD IT'S SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL.

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    Emilie Kahn strips down Taylor's jam and gives it a haunting, ethereal quality.

    Emilie & Ogden /

    Her trusty harp Ogden also lends a hand in this nuanced and emotional cover.

    Emilie & Ogden /

    Taylor herself even retweeted a link to it!

    Good to know that Taylor definitely approves of this sentimental rendition of her song.

    ABC /

    If you dig the sweet sounds of Emilie & Ogden, check out their website.

    Emilie & Ogden /

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