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    Jul 31, 2015

    23 Foods That Are So Happy To See You

    Finally, food loves you back.

    1. These merry mashed potatoes.

    2. These happy hard-boiled eggs.

    3. This sparkling soup.

    4. This grinning vegan chocolate cream.

    5. This smiley salad.

    6. These rapturous noodles.

    7. This beaming bagel.

    8. This lighthearted lunch.

    9. This blissful pancake.

    10. This cheerful breakfast.

    11. These gleeful garden veggies.

    12. These joyous eggs.

    13. This pleasant caprese salad.

    14. This elated fruit salad.

    15. This delighted dessert.

    16. This breakfast you wanna smooch.

    17. These carefree waffles.

    18. This chipper toast.

    19. This jovial plate.

    20. This radiant rice.

    21. This jubilant asparagus.

    22. These euphoric noodles.

    23. And this overjoyed oatmeal.

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