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Taylor Swift's Model Friends Defended Her On Twitter

The models backed up their friend when indie artist Edward Droste came for TSwift, proving they're the ultimate #friendshipgoals.

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And a few days ago, Edward Droste, singer and keyboardist in indie rock band Grizzly Bear, tweeted a picture of an article from Star calling Taylor Swift a "mean girl." Droste was glad "people are catching on."

But earlier today, Gigi Hadid responded to Droste's tweet, blasting him for "trying to create drama."

@edwarddroste lol that's the biggest load of bs. "Swift insider" HA you wish you knew. Stop trying to create drama where there is none.


As if that wasn't enough, model and known Swift Squad member Martha Hunt ALSO came for Droste.

@edwarddroste Bullshit. The day I met her I was impressed how open of a heart she had and she has remained that way since. Don't knock her


He said that Swift frightened him and he felt "unsafe" to tell a story he has about her.

@Bethany_Devlin I have a whole other story to tell, still feels unsafe tho. She frightens me genuinely

This isn't the first time Droste has shaded Taylor on Twitter. After the 2013 Grammy nominations were announced, he sarcastically said she didn't have enough awards.

Super relieved Taylor Swift is up for another award. Was worried she didn't have enough! #phew