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    21 Things That Only Make Sense To People Who Both Love And Hate Makeup

    Why can’t we live in a world where eyeliner goes on perfectly every time?

    1. Sometimes you use makeup to turn your eyelid into literal works of art.

    2. But it fucking sucks that you can't rub your eyes without destroying your incredible work.

    3. And you're a pro at using makeup to make your natural lashes look longer than a mile.

    4. Because falsies are unreliable AF.

    5. You're an expert at giving your skin that airbrushed, ~flawless~ look.

    6. But sometimes makeup just leaves your skin all bumpy and gross.

    7. The dewey glow of a perfect highlight is something you try to achieve every day.

    8. But most days you end up turning your face into glitter barf.

    9. You enjoy starting your day with a gorgeous pop of color on your lips.

    10. But WHY does it have to get all over anything your lips touch?!

    11. You recognize that makeup palettes are shiny and pretty and fun.

    12. But they are SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE. Who can afford to spend so much money on tiny rectangles of color?!

    13. You are very dedicated to the art of creating the perfect wing.

    14. But your eye feels so fucking raw afterwards.

    15. Your eyelash curler is basically your BFF.

    16. But you live in fear that one day it may betray you.

    17. You know how to make at least one brow look insanely perfect.

    18. But getting the other one to match is a fucking NIGHTMARE.

    19. And whenever you go to Sephora, you want to buy EVERYTHING because you absolute need it.

    20. But then you remember that a tiny tube of corrector is like $50 and you wonder why you have to choose between looking good and paying rent.

    21. So yeah, makeup, let's just change our status to "it's complicated."