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For Everyone Who Thinks Deep Dish Is The Only Kind Of Pizza

This love runs deep.

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Look, we can all agree that pizza is incredible. But one pizza stands out above the rest...

loumalnatis / Via


unopizzeriaandgrill / Via


unopizzeriaandgrill / Via

It's so tall.

mrssobczak / Via

And so THICK.

jessireds / Via

Sauce just belongs on top of cheese. That's its proper home.

ginoseast / Via

UGH that cheese pull!

josh_forcefactor / Via

Sure, it can get a little sloppy, but this is the ONE instance when no one will judge you for fork-and-knifing your pizza.

rad_jac / Via

You can honestly put anything you want on it. Deep dish doesn't mind.

goodfoodindia / Via

If pizza requires a spatula to get to your mouth, you know it means business.

*mouth watering intensifies*

ginoseast / Via

You KNOW you can't fit this much cheese on a thin crust.

giordanospizza / Via

If your pizza doesn't need a skillet to keep it all together, is it really pizza?

pedders85 / Via

So go out there and get yourself a slice.

tangomunch_pitbull / Via

Deep dish will always love you back.

giordanospizza / Via

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