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    24 Things Every Emo Girl Did 10 Years Ago

    Only read this if you were hxc.

    1. You owned at least ONE thing that had your undead crush Jack Skellington on it.

    2. You spent hours coming up with an alliterative screen name that showed how dark and tortured you were.

    3. You used an actual camera to capture your perfect scene bangs for your Myspace profile pic.

    4. Your favorite after school activity (after concerts, duh) was impromptu bathroom photoshoots with your girls.

    5. You prayed that your favorite My Chemical Romance song would come up on your iPod Shuffle so you could imagine starring in the music video with Mikey and Frank.

    6. Your ~go-to look~ was a band tee with a tank underneath, a cardigan, skinny jeans, flats, and the brightest makeup possible.

    7. If you were hoping to impress William Beckett, you sported fishnets, stripes, and Vans with an edgy print.

    8. Every selfie you took was harshly overexposed to achieve that Myspace queen aesthetic.

    9. You lived to share your excellent musical taste with your crush by burning him mix CDs with cute lettering.

    10. You were convinced that the only way to show off your uniqueness was through a variety of Manic Panic dyes.

    11. And you abused a straightener to the point where your hair could probably cut someone.

    12. You let your boyfriend know you were mad by changing your away message to angsty Simple Plan lyrics.

    13. You were elated when you finally got a Sidekick and could update your Xanga on-the-go.

    14. You actually taught yourself HTML to get skulls and Fall Out Boy on said Xanga, and you'd protect that layout at any cost.

    15. You created entire Myspace albums dedicated to photos with band dudes, to commemorate the time you ACTUALLY GOT TO TOUCH THEM.

    16. You made your own merch for your favorite bands, and your concert experience wasn't complete without at least one signature... near the boobs if possible.

    17. You wondered what was on your camera after a concert, and prayed your finger didn't cover Sonny Moore's gorgeous face in all the pics.

    18. You raced to Borders every month as soon as the new issue of AP came in so you could lust over whoever was on the cover.

    19. And you carefully cut out the best spreads so you could hang them on your wall and practice lip-locking with Billie Joe.

    20. You learned to play piano in hopes of impressing Gerard Way some day.

    21. And you constantly updated your AIM buddy info to prove how ~music savvy~ you were over all the other girls.

    22. You had no shame on going overboard on the eyeliner because you were convinced it correctly captured your emo aesthetic.

    23. You wrote lyrics, concert dates, and inside jokes on your Converse sneakers to make them edgier.

    24. And finally, you made sure to post your BEST pic to your Myspace profile to show everyone you were living your hardcore emo life to the fullest.