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23 Times Emmy Rossum Slayed The Red Carpet

Angel of the red carpet, grant to us your glory!

1. When she looked just as fresh as the flowers on her dress.

2. When she graced this piece of wood with her gorgeous scarlet presence.

3. When she somehow managed to make crimped hair look delicate and chic.

4. When she looked like an impeccably styled earth goddess that just sprung up from the ground.

5. When she laughed at all the people even attempting to look as good as her.

6. When she looked like an actual piece of art standing next to awkward, lesser people.

7. When she could make any headpiece look glamorous, from this...

8. ... to this.

9. When she basically wore a slip and it looked better than real clothes ever could.

10. When she was pretty much the only person who could pull this dress off.

11. When she looked like a literal doll, except somehow more perfect.

12. When she had to sit down and rest because her magnificent beauty was weighing her down.

13. When she thought menswear wasn't glam enough and took it to the next level.

14. When she gave us sultry vampire vibes in this LBD.

15. When she looked like regal military queen, ready to lead us into battle.

16. When she looked like an elegant fairy princess here to bless us.

17. When she floated down from the heavens dressed in this dainty cloud garment.

18. When she got this lavender number to perfectly hug her body.

19. When she threw on this old sweater and couldn't have looked more stunning.

20. When she served us this incredible over-the-shoulder pose.

21. When she gave this dog lessons on how to be adorable.

22. When the sun gave her an evening glow to complete her soft ruffle look.

23. And finally, when she blew a kiss to anyone who tried to look as divine as her. Nice try, plebeians.