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22 Of The Fiercest Dog Hairstyles On The Planet

Hair of the dog never looked so chic.

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1. This lil' pup in precious pigtails.

3. This sweet-faced dog with a side braid.

4. This ruff rebel leading the dog hair revolution.

5. This demure double-ponytailed delight.

6. The dog sporting a tasteful topknot.

7. This glamazon with a bun and glitter bow.

9. This pup who's sporting the dog version of "The Rachel."

10. This dog rockin' a butt-length braid.

11. This little lady who's feelin' her bangs.

12. This double-braided pooch with a trendy high pony.

13. This flowery fur ball with pastel highlights.

14. This canine with a classy circular look.

15. This blue bouffant babe.

16. This pooch with pin-straight locks.

17. This dog who's owning the wind-swept look.

18. This badass pink and purple punk.

19. This mutt with a multicolored mop.

20. This chic canine with an intricate bow/braid combo.

21. This fierce pup with side-swept bangs.

22. And this dog who can pull off a wig better than any human.