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We Tried Cereal With Other Liquids Besides Milk And It Was Horrible

Milk and cereal are a union that must not be broken.

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So we decided to try it out! We used Froot Loops as our sweet cereal and Corn Flakes as our neutral cereal, then combined them with beer, Coke, orange juice, water, and coffee. Here goes!

Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

Pablo: The Froot Loops are something I would eat again if I woke up drunk from the night before and accidentally poured my orange juice into a bowl of cereal. I didn't hate it, and it's a good source of vitamin C, so what's not to like? I love orange juice, and I love Corn Flakes, but I don't love them together. This is one union I will absolutely never ever support. Corn Flakes are in a monogamous relationship with milk, and it should stay that way. 3/5

Nina: The sweetness of the Froot Loops combined with the tartness of the OJ was a fairly tasty combo. They're both breakfast-y, so why not throw them in together? The Corn Flakes were less great. Their...earthiness did not complement the juice. Pass on that. 3/5

Casey: I'm honestly impressed with myself that I never put this gross combination of Froot Loops and orange juice together in my college dining hall. And that's saying something coming from the person who likes to dip saltines in sparkling lemonade. The Corn Flakes were fine? I mean, I guess I'd use it if I wanted cereal and was out of milk. But, to be honest, I'd probably have dry cereal over any of these options. I'm not that desperate to have wet cereal. (Let's all decide here and now not to refer to milk and cereal as "wet cereal.") 3.5/5

Pedro: I hate OJ, so I'm really surprised that I didn't hate this. If I had to finish the bowl without barfing, I believe I could. Don't ask me to finish it, though. The Corn Flakes looked awful, but not judging a book by its cover comes in handy with moments like this. It wasn't awful! Once again surprising, because orange juice is awful. 4/5

Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

Pablo: This bowl is the literal physical representation of rock bottom. Corn Flakes pretty much take on the flavor of whatever they're soaked with, and I'm not exactly a fan of beer with a crunch. I hope I'm the first and last person to have ever consumed such a thing. 1/5

Nina: Corn Flakes and beer is the saddest thing that has ever happened to my mouth. I'm so sorry, mouth. You didn't deserve that trash. Froot Loops was just marginally better, because sugar makes everything marginally better. Whoever said mixing beer and cereal was good is clearly trolling. 1/5

Casey: The bowl of Corn Flakes legit smelled like the floor of a college party. And guess what? It didn't taste great, guys. It was fizzy and metallic in all the worst ways. The Froot Loops is also not a good combo. At first I thought *maybe* I'd do something weird like this when I'm drunk, but I surprisingly think I'm classier than that. Also, this is bizarre, but I think the Froot Loops made the Stella taste hoppier than it usually is straight out of the bottle. 0.5/5

Pedro: I like cereal, and I like beer. I don't like my cereal and beer together. This was really bad. The beer turned all them damn Froot Loops rotten. With Corn Flakes, it was equally disgusting. It actually gave me chills. I eat Corn Flakes regularly, and this is kind of ruining the relationship I have with breakfast. 1/5

Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

Pablo: The Froot Loops one was actually edible, which is probably good? It was very, VERY sweet, but I wasn't mad at it. That is, until my stomach started to hurt. But if you love Coke, don't bother ever doing this with Corn Flakes. It will literally ruin the drink for you. Love yourself and learn from my mistakes. 2.5/5

Nina: The Froot Loops bowl was tolerable, but I definitely wouldn't eat it again. Fizzing cereal is kinda gross. And don't even get me started on the Corn Flakes. It made my skin crawl. It soaked up all the Coke, but then once you put it in your mouth the carbonation came back in the WORST WAY. Just no. 2/5

Casey: Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. I would eat Coke with Froot Loops at a sleepover as a dare and then stay up until 3 a.m., and then I'd never be invited to another sleepover again. It wasn't the worst. You had to really dig to the bottom of the bowl to find the Corn Flakes that absorbed all of the Coke, and when you found it, it was just mushy Coke. There is nothing else to say. 3/5

Pedro: I feel like a younger Pedro would do Froot Loops and Coke just for the sugar rush. It almost tasted spicy to me. Sweet sugar mixed with the syrupy sugar dilated my pupils for a moment, I swear. I could not see my younger self combining Coke with Corn Flakes. There wasn't really anything happening with the taste there. It wasn't awful, but it damn sure wasn't good. 3/5

Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

Pablo: I'd rather chew on a piece of cardboard. California is in a drought, and this combo is detrimental to my lovely state. May this be a reminder to all that if you had the option of conserving water or pouring it into some Fruit Loops, please do the former. With the Corn Flakes, I spit it out before the cereal could even reach my throat. I wasn't about to subject my esophagus and stomach to this disgrace. Moldy bread would have tasted better. 0.5/5

Nina: Just adding water to cereal shouldn't be so awful, but this is some of the most garbagey swill I have ever eaten. The Corn Flakes tasted...dusty? There was something old and rotten about them. And the Froot Loops had all the fun sucked out of them. Just eat dry cereal. Save yourself from this nonsense. 0/5

Casey: I was *this* close to spitting the Corn Flakes out, like Pedro did, but I didn't want that to be the photo my future grandkids treasure forever and put in time capsules. Also, It was absolutely disgusting and really amplified the cardboard flavor. The Froot Loops were not nearly as bad as water and Corn Flakes, but it was still complete trash. The water somehow sucked out all of the flavor of the Froot Loops. Someone explain that to me. 1/5

Pedro: As the Froot Loops absorbed the water, the water absorbed the flavor. How is that possible? The Corn Flakes were absolutely disgusting. Downright sinful. I couldn't hold it down. It just felt like I was eating rotten Corn Flakes. 1.5/5

Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

Pablo: Coffee mixed with Froot Loops was my favorite of the bunch! It tasted like the smell of a coffee shop, which isn't a bad thing. I'd advocate for this any day. With the Corn Flakes, the coffee went from a beautiful brown to looking like dirty dish water real quick. For some reason this didn't taste as good as the Fruit Loops, but it was still OK. 4/5

Nina: The Froot Loop mixture is amazing! You NEED to try this. And for once, the Corn Flake mixture didn't taste like dumpster leakage. I added a little cream, so there was technically some dairy in it. If you're lacking in milk but plentiful in Froot Loops, you need to get on board this train. 4/5

Casey: This straight-up tasted like a Starbucks frap...which is pretty weird. While I was eating the Corn Flakes, I almost said that I just wanted to drink the "milk," but then I realized that's just saying I want to drink coffee. You know, just sans Corn Flakes. 3.5/5

Pedro: I just tasted straight coffee in this one. Crunchy yet soggy coffee. It looked the worst with the Corn Flakes. It was a blend of the same color? That bothered me for some reason. But this was pretty much the same as the Froot Loops except it was way soggier. 3.5/5

So if we HAD to eat cereal without milk, we would all choose Froot Loops and coffee as the best combo! Let us know your experiences with cereal and other liquids in the comments below!