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19 Of The Creepiest News Stories From 2015

The year of endless nightmares.

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1. Blood-sucking fish fell from the sky in Alaska.

North American Fishing /

Artic lampreys, a jawless, hideous fish found in Alaska, kept falling from the sky and onto people's lawns and parking lots. They were likely dropped by gulls after being scooped up from a river, but that doesn't make parasitic fish rain any less freaky.

2. A man died and was left decomposing for two weeks in his car after he refused emergency services and said "they" would take care of his body.


Jeffrey Lash was found decomposing in his car on July 17, more than a week after his fiancée, Catherine Nebron, claims he died after refusing emergency help. Nebron's attorney told the local ABC affiliate that his client drove Lash's body from Santa Monica to his home in the Pacific Palisades, where it was later found decomposing.

But it was what investigators found after Lash died that makes his story so intriguing. Police found "1,200 guns, scopes, 6.5 tons of ammunition, bows and arrows, knives, machetes and $230,000 in cash" in his home, ABC-7 reported.

Oh, and one of 14 vehicles registered to him and stashed in different locations around Los Angeles was an SUV designed to drive underwater. Who was Jeffrey Lash?

3. A hacker sent a woman pictures of herself taken with her own computer.

Facebook /

Chelsea Clark and her boyfriend thought they had a normal night watching Netflix together. But the next day, they found that someone else had been watching them when Clark received photos from that night, taken with her own webcam.

Put some tape over webcams, people.

4. This unsettling video puzzle really creeped out the internet.

YouTube /

The video features a man in a hooded cloak and mask and staticky sounds.

Read up on what people have figured out about it in this Reddit thread. But don't watch it if you want to go to sleep any time soon.


5. A puppet seemingly moved on its own and was caught on camera.

Daily Mail /

Paranormal investigator Jayne Harris received an old man puppet from a previous owner who claims it tried to choke him. She filmed the puppet, who sat inside a glass box, every night for three months until one night, its cross seemed to stand upright on its own and fall to the other side of the box, the Daily Mail reported.


6. A Chilean woman has been carrying a calcified fetus for over 60 years.


When Estela Meléndez, 91, decided to have some X-rays done after a fall, doctors initially suspected she had a tumor. However, the lump inside her was actually a calcified fetus, a phenomenon known as lithopedion, which occurs when a fetus dies inside the mother's body and calcifies itself because it's too large to be absorbed into the body.

7. A creepy clown was trespassing at a Chicago cemetery.


Julia Graham and her husband were driving near the Rosehill Cemetery in July when they spotted someone dressed as a clown climbing the gate, a local CBS affiliate reported. When they angle to get a better look, they found the clown staring back at them, slowly waving.

Nightmares forever.

8. Police officers who saved a baby from drowning heard an adult voice say, "Help me."


Police officers in Salt Lake City, Utah, managed to save a toddler who had been trapped in a car submerged in icy water for 14 hours in March. That's a miracle. However, the strange part is that the officers said they heard an adult voice asking for help just before the rescue, CBS reported.

"I remember hearing a voice that didn't sound like a child, just saying 'Help me,'" Officer Jared Warner said.


9. Someone hacked into a Canadian family's baby monitor and played eerie music.


While one of the parents was with the child in Ontario, the baby monitor was "remotely activated," the Canadian Press reported in July. The monitor then began playing creepy music, and a voice told the parents they were being watched.

Turns out, there are a lot of similar incidents.

10. Boats carrying decomposed corpses are washing up in Japan.

Jiji Press / Getty Images

Since Oct. 12, wooden boats carrying a total of 22 dead bodies have been found in Japan. One boat contained a sign identifying it as belonging to the Korean People's Army. *Shudders*

11. A Maryland family had to leave their new home because of a snake infestation.


The Brooks family moved into their new Annapolis home this past summer and all seemed well, until their son discovered a black rat snake. Then they found another. And another.

A contractor and a snake inspector told the family the house was infested and unsuitable for their two young children, WUSA reported.

Creepy crawlies apparently do not make for good house guests.

12. This teenager's family thought she was dead...until they heard her screaming from her coffin.

Primer Impacto / Via

A teenager in Honduras was reportedly heard "banging and screaming for help" from her grave ONE DAY after she was buried.

Her family then broke the tomb open to find that the viewing window of her coffin had been damaged and her fingers bruised. Medics attempted to revive the girl, but were unsuccessful.

As if dying once wasn't bad enough.


13. A man tried to kill a spider and it became a bunch of little spiders.

Danny F /

Danny Ford was just trying to kill a wolf spider, but what he didn't realize was that it was a mama wolf spider carrying her babies on her back. So when he brought the broom down on her, the babies scattered, creating an unimaginable nightmare for arachnophobes everywhere.

14. This Florida family found a hand in their attic.


Mike Lopez suspected his great-grandparents were pirates, because they found a box in the attic containing a map, old coins, and A HAND, USA Today reported.

Even if his great-grandparents were pirates, who saves a hand?!

15. A man hid under a bed in a New Jersey home for three days before anyone noticed.

Spotswood Police Department / Facebook: spotswoodpolice

Jason Hubbard broke into his ex-girlfriend's home while her mom, Margaret Adamcewicz, was taking out the trash, police said. He then hid under a bed, charging his cell phones, for three days. It wasn't until Adamcewicz's husband heard a noise and went to investigate that Hubbard was discovered.

Always remember: You're never safe, even in your own home.

16. A Pennsylvania family found dozens of animal carcasses inside the walls of their home.

FOX43 /

The Bretzuis family just wanted to insulate their home. Instead, they found a bunch of animal carcasses that were encased in newspapers from the 1930s and '40s.

The local Fox affiliate reported that the practice is called "dutch magic" and was used to "heal ailments." However, it's probably more effective at causing night terrors.


17. The remains of a missing teenager were found in a chimney not far from his home.

KKTV / Via

The remains of Joshua Vernon Maddux, who went missing seven years ago in Colorado, were found earlier this year inside a chimney.

While the discovery solved the mystery of where he went, it opened up several new questions. The kicker in the story is that the chimney of the house his remains were found in was only TWO blocks away from his dad's home.


18. A live tapeworm was removed from a guy's head in California.

Selvanegra / Getty Images

After a series of intense headaches, pain, and vomiting, Luis Ortiz checked himself into a Napa Valley hospital this fall. To his, and everyone's, surprise, doctors discovered a live tapeworm still "wiggling and moving around" in his brain.

Although no one knows for sure how it entered Ortiz's body, the Los Angeles Times reported that if he had waited even a half-hour more, he could have died.

Meanwhile, we pretty much died hearing this story.

19. A New Jersey family had to leave their dream home this summer after getting chilling letters from "The Watcher."

Mysterious "Watcher" sends terrifying letters, forces family to flee from "dream home"

The Broaddus family starting receiving creepy letters just three days after they moved into their new home.

One letter read: "Do you need to fill the house with the young blood I requested? Once I know their names I will call to them and draw them out to me." Another asked, "Have they found out what is in the walls yet? In time they will."