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18 Confessions About Proposals That Will Make You Glad You're Single

All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

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1. This dangerous declaration of love:

2. This very modern proposal:

3. This person who wants to live más together.

4. This ass-inine timing:

5. This proposal that makes you wonder if he really should be proposing:

6. This poetic failure:

7. This asshole:

8. This person who picked a tasty ring:

9. This person who knew a bowl was probably better than a ring:

10. This creepy proposal:

11. This person who really wanted to "save money" on the proposal:

12. This ~dreamy~ proposal:

13. This accidental injury:

14. This case of mistaken identity:

15. This bad timing:

16. This proposal that probably didn't deserve a reply:

17. This well-thought out proposal:

18. And finally, this proof that true love is chill love:

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