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19 Animal Snapchats That Will Make You Laugh For No Reason

They should call it SnapCAT honestly.

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1. This squirrel who had a pretty crazy evening.

2. This hippo who belongs on The Voice.

3. This dog who's still having a ball without having having balls.

rileytheiggy / Via

4. These dogs giving their little bro a swirly.

5. This dog who's expecting a VERY important call today.

6. This cat who has probably seen some shit.

7. This cat who does NOT like selfies.

8. This hamster with an identity crisis.

9. This cat who doesn't give a fuck about your ~rules~.

10. This dog with a puppy for a nose.

11. This dog who is dedicated to his research.

12. This reptile who loves Toy Story.

13. This chicken who's just trying get out there and make new friends.

14. This cat who's just havin' a fun girls' night.

15. This cat who is literally you around pizza.

16. This cat who doesn't really care about your dental hygiene.

17. This dog who's gonna clean up this town.

18. This bird who never learned any table manners.

19. And this cat who you should hire to do your makeup.

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