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For Everyone Who Just Wants To Wear Cat Ears On Halloween

Get a pair right meow.

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Halloween is fast-approaching, which means a lot of people are getting REALLY excited about their costumes.

And this year, like every year, plenty of us will be donning adorable cat ears when we go out.

Thalita Makes /

But some people have a problem with this. They're vehemently opposed to lookin' like a kitty on Halloween night.

basic bitch Halloween costume is always that dumb ass cat ear headband & she paint her nose with the whiskers

Sorry ladies, wearing different contact lenses and a cat-ear hair band does not constitute as a Halloween costume

I'm sorry but throwing on black clothes, drawn on whiskers and a cat ear headband is not a Halloween costume.

But why? Cat ears have proven themselves to be cute AF.

Maybe we're trying to be Taylor Swift in the "22" music video.

Big Machine /

Or perhaps we're dressed as Ariana Grande in basically all of her performances!

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Sometimes we pair 'em with fierce, fun makeup.

...or choose to keep it simple...

...with big, shiny stones...

... we know we look chic as hell.

Just let us enjoy our cat ears!

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