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    Posted on Oct 9, 2015

    This 5SOS Performance Is The Most Beautiful Thing You'll Ever Hear

    This cover is kinda hot.

    If you're unaware, there's a pretty cool British band called Bring Me The Horizon, who have an even cooler song called "Drown."

    Sony /

    Recently, the Aussie boys of 5 Seconds of Summer graced BBC Radio's Live Lounge to give the world their passionate rendition of "Drown," and it was incredible.

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    Calum and Luke were totally killing it on the verses. The boys were joined by a small string ensemble that gave their version a much more tender feel than the original.

    BBC Radio 1 /

    Oh, and they totally SLAYED the harmonies while Ashton rocked the percussion.

    BBC Radio 1 /


    BBC Radio 1 /

    Keep melting hearts with your music, boys!

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