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4 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks Every Lazy Girl Will Want To Try

No costume? No problem.

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Hi! We're Nina and Farrah. If you're like us, then you probably don't want to spend time (and $$$) pulling a Halloween costume together. So we decided to pull together four easy "face costumes" you can create with just 3-4 products.

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed


1. Nyx jumno eyeliner pencil in white ($9.75)

2. L'Oréal Paris eyeliner in black ($7.15, but any black eyeliner will do)

3. "Take Me To Brazil" BH Cosmetics palette ($24.95)

Optional: Have red lipstick handy for the Harley Quinn and the doll tutorials to add a bold lip. False eyelashes will also make the doll eyes more dramatic, but aren't necessary to completing the look.


1. Blending tool ($6.99)

2. Small precision brush (e.l.f, $3)

3. Eyeshadow brush (e.l.f., $1)

4. Foundation brush (e.l.f., $2)

5. Tapered brush (e.l.f., $3)

Note: Some of these looks were easier with black liquid liner, while others were achieved with a black eyeliner pencil.


We aren't makeup professionals, but we did it — and so can you. Go forth and put your best face forward this Halloween!