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    18 Struggles Only Morbid People Will Understand

    You're just a little soul carrying around a corpse.

    1. No one wants to take a night stroll through the cemetery with you.

    Miroslav Petrasko / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: theodevil

    2. You literally can't stop thoughts like this from forcing their way into insignificant moments.

    3. Your brain basically exploded when you learned about your "second death."

    Warner Bros. Television /

    When you die, it's your first death. When everyone who knew you dies, that's your second death.

    4. You've failed to convince your local Starbucks to host a Death Café.

    5. No one lets you control the music because you always end up listening to stuff like this:

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    6. You lose a follower every time you Instagram a pic of a dead animal.

    7. People are freaked out by how easily you can steer any mundane conversation towards death.


    9. So you spend an inordinate amount of time planning your own funeral.

    Late night thoughts. I promise I mean this in the least morbid way possible.

    10. And then you have to persuade your loved ones to cremate you because you've done extensive research on decomposition.

    The Forensic Anthropology Research Facility /

    11. You only get to celebrate Halloween once a year, even though it's basically your life 24/7.

    Disney /

    If only you could live in Halloween Town!

    12. You threw your computer at the wall when they took the best Investigation Discovery shows off Netflix.

    Investigation Discovery

    13. No one on Pinterest shares your love of creepy home decor.

    53Kevin / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kevin53

    14. You're compelled to judge every date's potential on their apocalypse strategy.

    15. And you only dream of honeymooning in Paris so you can visit the Catacombs.

    Tridekker / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: tridekker

    16. When you tell people about your enthusiasm for dark stuff, they assume you're a sad person.

    Paramount Pictures /
    Paramount Pictures /

    17. Or worse, they think you're some weird necrophiliac who fetishizes gore.

    FX /

    You *can* be fascinated by morbid things and still be respectful.

    18. Sometimes you worry that there might be something wrong with you...

    ...but take comfort in the fact that there are so many other people who share your dark obsessions.

    Morbid people unite!

    TriStar Pictures

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