18 Crazy People Who Are Still Emailing Tonya Harding

The once great figure skater, who allegedly had Nancy Kerrigan hobbled before a competition, has a section on her official website for people to leave her messages. They’re insane.

1. Psychic plumbers

2. People with poor grammar

3. People who still own VHS tapes

4. Long-lost relatives?

5. Nancy Kerrigan haters, obviously

8. Potential campaign managers

9. A man named ‘Lunchbox’

10. Potential soulmates

11. Jenny Craig supporters

12. Odessa’s professional insect killer

13. People who believe in her healing powers

14. Long lost loves

15. People who would like you to know that Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding are friends

16. Longtime fans/benefactors

17. Casting directors

18. People like us


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