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Accused Montee Ball Attacker: It Wasn't Me

Madison police arrested three University of Wisconsin students in the August 1 attack on the running back. One of them has already denied the charges publicly.

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The three men arrested and charged in an August 1 attack on University of Wisconsin running back Montee Ball are all University of Wisconsin-Madison students, according to the university. At least one of the suspects has already posted a statement on Facebook.


The fact that the three men, identified as Deonte J. Wilson, Robert A. Wilks and Wendell J. Venerable, are students at the school could lend more credence to an earlier report about the incident, which claimed that Ball had been in an on-campus fight earlier this summer. In the updated police incident report, officials said that after arresting the three men they had also learned "of an earlier conflict" which took place four days before Ball was attacked. Ball has denied being involved in that altercation.

Wilson and Venerable both have Facebook profiles that seem to belong to those of normal college students. (Wilks doesn't seem to be on Facebook.) Venerable, according to his profile, is an assistant manager at a Champs Sports store in a mall. "I don't really identify as a Badger nor do I care about UW," he wrote earlier this month in a post linking to a report ranking the school in the top of the world's universities. "But I think it's swag that the university I go to is so cold. 19 in the world?!?! I didn't know University of Chicago was so good though. Thats whats up!"

Wilson, according to his profile, is an engineering major who spent his summer in 2011 interning at General Electric.

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