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    Sep 18, 2015

    21 Things All Former Scottish Underage Drinkers Will Remember

    Age is just a number. So is MD 20/20.

    1. Your first taste of alcohol was probably a wee sip of your mum's shandy at Hogmanay.

    2. Or maybe your older (and much cooler) cousin introduced you to the wonder of the alcopop.

    3. You and your pals agreed to save up your lunch money together to buy booze at the weekend.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Because who needs a stale sandwich when you can share a bottle of Frosty Jack's?

    4. Choosing the booze always led to an argument.

    5. Buying alcohol often proved tricky. You either had to ask a random outside the offies to be your "jump in"...

    #GrowingUpScottish aged 16 asking someone to "jump in fir me" outside haddows - always answered -- aye nae bother hen whit ye wantin LOL

    "Haw mate, wanty get us a cerry oot?"

    6. Or sometimes one of your pals would pluck up the courage and chance their luck in Haddows.


    "Aht's a pure brass neck, by the way."

    7. Other times, you had to resort to nicking a bottle of your parents' unwanted Christmas gift wine.

    8. Once you had ~acquired~ your booze, you went to a safe place where the police and your parents couldn't find you.

    9. But drinking in a different scheme was a big no-no.

    10. You were over the moon when Irn-Bru Red Square was released.

    Cartoon Network / Via

    Your favourite fizzy ginger now came in alcohol form and it was a beautiful thing.

    11. And you laughed in the face of WKD's poor imitation.


    Iron Brew? Pah! (You still drank it though, obvs.)

    12. There was always that one friend who could tan straight vodka like it was lemonade.

    Wen ur 14 n think u can chug vodka out of the bottle for 60 seconds straight while ur friends trying to take the pic

    Via Twitter: @nickikacz

    If you didn't know this person, it was probably you.

    13. Soon you discovered the Unders nights at clubs and prepared by getting mwi.

    14. You had to chew a load of Wrigley's Spearmint strips on the way home to mask the stench of cheap tonic wine from your parents.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

    But your mum was a bloody bloodhound and could smell it off you for miles, leading to the inevitable, "Yer snibbed!"

    15. Hearing someone say "Ave goat an empty this weekend" was music to your ears.

    16. Every empty always had the "Bowl of Death".

    17. In the days before the Jägerbomb, it was all about this stuff.

    18. And drinking it usually caused three or four Jeremy Kyle episodes' worth of drama.

    Toho / Via

    One minute there was a huge barny causing someone to lose a tooth, the next everyone was professing their love for one another.

    19. It usually ended with throwing up in your pal's wheelie bin.

    20. Waking up without a hangover made you feel invincible.

    MGM / Via

    But you still craved Scotland's National Hangover Cure, a square sausage and tatty scone roll, washed down with a can of Irn-Bru, mainly because it's tasty AF.

    21. Turning 18 was great and a real eye-opener, but it didn't change much.

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