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19 Crazy Irn-Bru Concoctions You Didn't Know Existed

Fancy an Irn-Bru curry?

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1. All Scottish people know that Irn-Bru sorbet is basically the best invention ever. / Via

Popularised by Scottish ice cream parlours Coia's and S. Luca, this sweet dessert has been gaining momentum over the past few years.

2. But have you tried Irn-Bru ice cream yet?

This richer, creamier concoction from Urban Bubble in Stirling is just as tasty.

3. You could wash it down with a shot of Irn-Bru coffee.

Young Edinburgh barista invents the ultimate Scottish coffee - adding Irn Bru naturally

This weird and wonderful creation by young barista Daniel Todd from Brodie's of Linlithgow makes the J├Ągerbomb look like a glass of warm milk.

4. Or if you'd prefer something stronger, why not try a cheeky wee Irn-Bru cocktail? / Via

Try Edinburgh bar Heads & Tales' "Thyme 4 A Bru", a little gin number with rhubarb, thyme, and raisins, or have a go at making one of these bad boys.


5. You can stop by Bar Bloc for some Irn-Bru pulled pork. / Via

From the man who brought us Buckfast ice cream, the "Notdog", and Mad Dog slushies. This Glasgow-based Mad Chef's culinary skills know no bounds.

6. Everyone should try this dainty Irn-Bru cake slice. / Via

The folks at The Caffeine Drip in Edinburgh have taken the classic caramel shortcake and scottified the hell out of it. It's a lovely, lovely thing.

7. Or how about this bright, cheery Irn-Bru cupcake? / Via

Grab one of these tangy treats from Cupcakes By Jo in Aberdeen, or try this recipe.


9. No sweet tooth? Here are some Irn-Bru bangers. / Via

Guaranteed to add some much-needed sugary fizz to any mundane breakfast. Brought to you by Stuart's of Buckhaven in Fife.

11. And say aye to this Irn-Bru pie.

Pork Iron Brew and chilli pies ... Unbelievably tasty :) !!!

Morecambe FC's award-winning head chef Graham Aimson invented this pork, Irn-Bru, and chilli pie to keep punters warm at half-time. You can buy them online here.

12. Everyone needs this Irn-Bru fudge in their life. / Via

Courtesy of the lovely ladies at The Ochil Fudge Pantry in Alloa.


13. Irn-Bru cheesecake, anyone? / Via

From the lovely folks at Mallow Valley in Edinburgh. It just goes to show that you can make anything that falls under the "cake" umbrella with Irn-Bru.

14. Or maybe just a wee Irn-Bru scone? / Via

Perfect with a nice cup of tea. And when I say tea, I mean Irn-Bru. Get the recipe here or pay a visit to Hettie's Tearooms for one with a red chilli twist.

15. Would you try an Irn-Bru curry? / Via

From those crazy cats at The Killer Restaurant (previously Kismot) in Edinburgh. Half a can of ginger goes into this delicious dish, and the name is simply genius.

16. These Irn-Bru macarons are to die for.

A fusion of #Scottish and #French it's @irnbru flavour macaron!

Who knew something so cute could be made from girders? MrCakeyBoi is clearly a visionary, and he's kindly shared his recipe with the world.


17. And so is this (slightly more robust) Irn-Bru macaroon. / Via

The proper Scottish kind made from mashed potato, roasted coconut and, of course, Scotland's finest beverage. Get yours at Humbug in Aberdeen.

18. Or you could always sample some Irn-Bru marshmallows. / Via

So wrong, yet so right. These squidgy puffs of delight are from the innovative mind of The Marshmallow Lady in Edinburgh.

19. And finally, Christmas is just around the corner. Better start basting that Irn-Bru turkey.

Deadline News

East Dunbartonshire butcher Kenneth McAllister invented this dish in 2012. He told Deadline News that the 'Bru "gives the meat a nice glaze and a distinctive but subtle flavour". You can make the glaze at home by mixing six tablespoons of Irn-Bru, five tablespoons of syrup, and three teaspoons of flour. Brulicious.