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    Posted on Oct 29, 2015

    19 Crazy Irn-Bru Concoctions You Didn't Know Existed

    Fancy an Irn-Bru curry?

    1. All Scottish people know that Irn-Bru sorbet is basically the best invention ever.

    2. But have you tried Irn-Bru ice cream yet?

    3. You could wash it down with a shot of Irn-Bru coffee.

    Young Edinburgh barista invents the ultimate Scottish coffee - adding Irn Bru naturally

    This weird and wonderful creation by young barista Daniel Todd from Brodie's of Linlithgow makes the Jägerbomb look like a glass of warm milk.

    4. Or if you'd prefer something stronger, why not try a cheeky wee Irn-Bru cocktail?

    5. You can stop by Bar Bloc for some Irn-Bru pulled pork.

    6. Everyone should try this dainty Irn-Bru cake slice.

    7. Or how about this bright, cheery Irn-Bru cupcake?

    8. This fancy Irn-Bru eclair is a truly Scottish treat.

    Facebook: Oban

    You can thank the Oban Chocolate Company for this heavenly creation. And yes, that's a big slab of white chocolate in there with the cream. Lush!

    9. No sweet tooth? Here are some Irn-Bru bangers.

    10. Get this Irn-Bru jelly in yer belly.

    Twitter: @KeepCalmFannyOn

    The gelatine-free recipe is available on this awesome Fanny Cradock-inspired, Edinburgh-based blog.

    11. And say aye to this Irn-Bru pie.

    Pork Iron Brew and chilli pies ... Unbelievably tasty :) !!!

    Morecambe FC's award-winning head chef Graham Aimson invented this pork, Irn-Bru, and chilli pie to keep punters warm at half-time. You can buy them online here.

    12. Everyone needs this Irn-Bru fudge in their life.

    13. Irn-Bru cheesecake, anyone?

    14. Or maybe just a wee Irn-Bru scone?

    15. Would you try an Irn-Bru curry?

    16. These Irn-Bru macarons are to die for.

    A fusion of #Scottish and #French it's @irnbru flavour macaron!

    Who knew something so cute could be made from girders? MrCakeyBoi is clearly a visionary, and he's kindly shared his recipe with the world.

    17. And so is this (slightly more robust) Irn-Bru macaroon.

    18. Or you could always sample some Irn-Bru marshmallows.

    19. And finally, Christmas is just around the corner. Better start basting that Irn-Bru turkey.

    Deadline News

    East Dunbartonshire butcher Kenneth McAllister invented this dish in 2012. He told Deadline News that the 'Bru "gives the meat a nice glaze and a distinctive but subtle flavour". You can make the glaze at home by mixing six tablespoons of Irn-Bru, five tablespoons of syrup, and three teaspoons of flour. Brulicious.

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